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  1. can i fuck you plz? i love ishq, and i love a lot of solar fields and mystical sun.. plz babies keep it real
  2. i wrote you a pm with a question, not sure if it got sent
  3. hey thats one trippy avatar? where can i see more ?
  4. try stress assassins 2 albums.. my favourite for that
  5. As a collector and seeker of music that relaxes, (like orchid, magik square of the sun, CBL - the path), i found this to be a chilling album. I find that many albums that are intended to be relaxing meditating disturb me and this one certainly doesn't belong there for me.. I like how it fits the intended atmosphere its supposed to create which is some kind of deep space relaxation.. Especially that one track where there is a very relaxing deep ambient kinda subtle screeching noise in the background being repeated.. that has a really nice effect on me: Ishq Hyperdrive. I dont know this album well enough i think i still have to let it grow on me, but in some way this is a good counterpart to orchid.. where orchid (or infinite garden), where those r nature-like atmospheres and this one is space-like.. its hard to find really chill stuff these days like cbl the path or orchid, but this one i can definitely put on on low volume during night and let it carry me into my sleep.
  6. <3 CBL the path man i rly hope i find out soon what this song was.. it was so nice. constantly looping short bass melody, the bass was a special bass with a higher pitch layer in it.. and a lower one and together it formed somekind of vibrating sensation.. low warm vibrating vibes... goddd so relaxed
  7. ok 5 min i play it on my midid keyboard.. it was a long time ago, and i dont have it so clear in my mind but ill try to do something similar.. The F here is the one below D not the one above.. DDDDDDFFFFDDDDDD FFDDFFCCCCCC.CCCCCC.CCC.DD.DDDDDD But the Bass was a complex bass sound.. it probably had more layers in it and maybe even some on a different pitch level.. but it was something in that direction.. And the way I played it it sounded still a bit different and in a different emotion then how I heard it, but thats probably due to it being a complex bass sound.. it wwas very warm and vibrating and kept on looping.. EDIT: BTW a couple of D's after each other means one D being held for relatively that long.. and a dot means a short space there
  8. yes I could, but how should I write it ?
  9. Vibratoire http://www.last.fm/music/Biosphere/_/Vibratoire Biosphere – Vibratoire – Listen free at Last.fm is it like this the whole song? the bass of this is very low, but its a kinda similar sound only too soft and too low, the bass i heard was actually a looping melody not this one key only.. and it was higher then this. . i dont think it was biosphere.. bio is extreme ambient music,, what i heard was actually a melody.. that song also had that vibrating power in it.. only it was a more composit bass with a higher layer in it, and it had a melody,, i can still here it in my head, it was something very unique
  10. Ok so I was at this psyparty on a boat in an abandoned harbor in Amsterdam. And there was a few areas one of them a chillout area. And there was a great atmosphere with visuals and people stoners hippies very cool.. and i was very stoned trying not to get a panic attack and they played a song there which really relaxed me. I maybe heard it before but i wasn't sure. And to this day it stayed in me and i really really wish i could find out which one it is.. What was really special about this song is that it was mainly just a slow bass melody looping.. but this bass was very warm and kinda vibrating on a low level.. and it kept looping but it was a long bassline.. continuous,, very very high stoned music., there was only this bass kinda sound and it was really beautiful.. haha I hope someone could help me identify it..
  11. Thanks for this great post, you know what i am talking about . I will check it out!
  12. I have been looking with Google for threads on the best psychill albums of all time and to my surprise I didn't find much. Please write your list of best psychill albums of all time. This is my list in no specific order: Carbon Based Lifeforms - The Path (unreleased) VA - Quality Relaxation VA - Butterfly Dawn Ishq - Orchid Ishq - Magik Square of the Sun Entheogenic - Golden Cap Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost Hallucinogen - In Dub (Mixed by Ott) VA - Chillosophy 3 :drama: The following two albums r unfortunately the only ones by this artist and i'm still thinking of writing him an email of continuing his genius work as Stress Assassin. I have listened to them a thousand times and these are the albums that physically relax me the most (so I put them a lot when I go to sleep). Real masterpieces, great journeys, no words.. Please tell me if you find something in this style (you probably won't because it probably doesn't exist), Stress Assassin - Within The Office Of Eye And Ear Stress Assassin - Carrier Track P.S.: I will update this post if anything else comes to my mind, or if some of your best will become my best.
  13. You should first make sure you have their album The Path, you can download it for free , it is unreleased. I love CBL but i think this first and unreleased is by far their best album and one of the best psychill albums ever made.
  14. Lol tbh not rly close to SA or SA feeling imo, but thanks so much for help. I am continuuing in my quest to find something like SA or something which evokes a similar feeling and if I don't find nothing i will have to go consult with SA himself. He went over to do music as PORN SWORD TOBACCO. I guess he wanted more freedom in making totally different experimental musics under one name. There is some chill songs with chill feelings and SA echoes but he makes some very different types of music there especially on his latest release olympic heights (all chill though, and his previous releases under that name had more ambient atmoshperic beatless music ).. as his artist name implies he makes songs which r so random and different like porn sword and tobacco is (the name he took actually from a shop in sweden selling those things). Stress Assassin releases r rly unique (untill now) and so chill. This is one of the few musics I rly love. I heard it thousands times for many years and keep rediscovering it. He really created something there which i am so happy that i'm happy to see how he intended it. something where each sound matters, a real genius creation. here is something he said about his 2nd great album carriertrack: 'Carrier Track This is the 2nd Stress Assassin album for Spiral Trax. Slow music, observations, memories, sketches... The Stress Assassin project works with the states one would experience, Like when you swim in the ocean under the surface Or when exploring long concrete tunnels, Taking a walk straight into a forest, what ever. That's just what this music is about, a soundtrack, a picture in sound, Or better yet a carrier track' PS ah, i would love to be at that nap :3
  15. hmm this definetely is has similarities.. yet its not what i looking for.. its too loopy/simple/repetetive/monotonic/ the bass repeating al the time etc.. but still i like some of it but i wouldnt be able to put it on for the night without getting annoyed by it.. its too crude it needs more life journey meditation chill smoke joint etc stress assassin is basicaly a guide into my sleep.. thats why stress assassin is a perfect name for it
  16. Hi guys, Lately I have been putting stress assasssin to fall asleep with.. Does anyone know music which is similar to stress assassin? It has to be rly subtle and kinda minimal and chill like stress assassin, preferably just like it.. i mean the beats that he made r just so chill, they r legendary for me.. its rly indescribable what it does to me.. anyway thanks for your help and <3
  17. Chillseeker

    Ott - Skylon

    very goood review (especally if its your first), hope to hear more rebiews from you!
  18. this is an absolute must have for those who love any of ishq music.. this is an extraordinaryly chilling album.. if not one of the best ever
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