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  1. I didnt realise our genre was THAT niche, not even ONE dedicated psy store in the worlds biggest city in a non-developing country ? (london is bigger than NY i believe?) Oh well ill stick to internet then Can anyone reccomend a big virgin (or are they called zavvi now, or is zavvi a different brand?) or similar store then ? (BIG) And please include adresses or even google map links, i have never been in london and have never really read anything about it or been that interested, so i dont know any names (well short of picadilly circus, covent garden, buckingham palace, big ben ) I live in the docklands, in some lousy and expensive hotel (at least theres wireless inet in the lobby!) We took a taxi from docklands to covent garden today, then ate and walked down to the eye, then took the speed-ferry back to docklands, and i didnt see 1 single interesting store. Where is the "shopping area" where i can find the huge stores ?
  2. Heya I am in UK these days, and i feel i have walked around in enough generic malls now, and think i will spend the time in london (3 days in liverpool so far) on more specialised stores, niche stores, museums etc Does anyone know any good stores for this music in london ? I reckon the big brands such as zavvi and virgin carries mostly commercial stuff (though i did find some cheap IM albums in zavvi ! also picked up prodigys experience for 3£ ! though that one was one of the expensive ebay CDs) I have no idea where we are living in london atm, we go there tomorrow, so any location in the central london area is fine
  3. Yep shpongle is utterly amazing His combination of weird sounds, beats, alternating BPMs in the middle of songs, strange vocals, its all just perfect. He takes you on a mindtrip, i never get tired of shpongle. Especially that track that is used in that shockwave file where some guy is at a psychiatrist, wow (Never was one for remembering track names and such details)
  4. I have only ever used psyshop (around 70 CDs) They are cheap, under half the price of regular CDs here in norway if you go to a standard store. Not that any record stores here have anything other than pure mainstream stuff anyways though. I have never had 1 single problem with psyshop, and the CDs arrive extremely fast, think 4 days until i had the CDs in my hand was the slowest. I once ordered some CDs early in a morning and had them in my mail box THE NEXT DAY! I have also bought something from japan on ebay once and had it in my hands under 48 hours after i won the auction though (postal stamp said it originated from Nippon, so it did indeed come from japan)
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Guess ill be poor for a while Post #7 almost looked like an excerpt from a list, where is the rest of it ? I lost my internet right after newyears, well i still dont have it back so im posting from school now, hence the late reply.
  6. Heya I realised today that i dont have quite enough ambient music. I have been listening to this genre a lot lately but i keep having to listen to the same albums because i dont really have that many Im never been into being able to pinpoint exactly what style or sub-genre music fits into, so ill just describe what i am looking for with my own words. I absolutely love shpongle and entheogenic, which is mainly what im listening to. Wavey, spacey, dreamy music that takes you on a journey. Sounds from nature, animals, some tribal singing, etc. Are there any other artists like this ? My rotation mainly consists of -Entheogenics 4 albums -Shpongles albums -Mystery of the yeti 1 and 2 -The 13 skulls albums -Celtic cross' hicksville I did search, but i mainly found album referrals without a context of genre (other than it being ambient) to link it to, so a bit vague for me to start buying stuff that i have no idea if ill like or not.
  7. did you even click the link ? the one i quoted wasnt a link to a video to identify at all, but a url to a porn site pop up ring thing geez
  8. reported for scamming ppl to visit a porn site
  9. People needs to realise that it doesnt matter ONE TINY LITTLE bit what some random forum idiot says about music you like, heck it doesnt even matter what your friends thinks of your music, as long as you like it yourself.
  10. il caesar - la calma southside spinners - lovestruck (or was it luvstruck?) nikkfurie - the á la mente (sp) hi-gate - i can hear voices sensation 2004 - the anthem lost tribe - gamesmaster freefall - skydive quench - dreams bypass unit - green dreams ??? - summerdreams mine nrg - lost in dreams jonah - shhhh listen accuface - journey into sound 3 drives on a vinyl - greece push - universal nation (propably better known as dj tiesto - anthem, or something like that, dunno why as its not a tiesto song) ??? - rachels song (trance version of the bladerunner song with the same name) carlos - rush me carlos - the silmarilla cj stone - into the sea dj encore - i see right through you dj tiesto - nyana green court - take my breath away (feat de vision <- IMPORTANT, the original is shite) miss thunderpussy - the ride rmb - to france rmb - spring sevendays - seen you before state of grace - wonder why sylver - wild horses timo maas - first day warrior - warrior trancylvania - tender heart cant believe no one mentioned ANY of those
  11. im going to a'dam in late sept, for 5 hours (lol) in transit to malaysia going to go into town a quick trip to drop by this retro used games shop, anyone know of a decent store, or more, that sells goa and psy ? Theres ZERO market for these things here in norway, the only music you find in stores is MTV crap and stuff old ppl like like bob dylan and whatnot, and the only games they sell are the newest hyped console stuff, + a few few pc games
  12. i heard hux fluxs cryptic crunch from a friend when it had just come out (i assume), not quite sure when that was but 10ish years ago i recon didnt start buying records until 2001 though
  13. Got my secret of the 13 crystal skulls cd today, and when i opened the cardboard package from psyshop the first thing i noticed was that the cd didnt have a plastic wrapping. Not too bad i thought, its propably not used anyway But when i took the cd out of the jewel case and shone light on it at an angle so you can see any smears, dust, or other things that isnt supposed to be on a cd i saw this tiny smear, and a rather big pice of dust (big for a supposedly new cd that isnt supposed to have ever been in air) wtf...
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