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  1. Sounds good to me Getafix! Considering the nature and content of the melodies I would slow the BPMs even further to around 132-133 and I really would cut down, but not cut out, the cheesyish melody in the introduction as it is inconsistent with the depth of the main part of the track. Or just tone it down...


    Keep up the good work! I would probably find a place for this track in one of my sets...

  2. No big outdoor parties happening. And be careful with drugs, as the cops are fucking every where. stay away from drug dealers.

    Exaggerations, but yeah caution is necessary. Buy stuff from other tourists preferably. That means that they have taken half (or much more) of the risk :ph34r:


    One thing I found particularly annoying and trippy was always getting stopped by the cops in the middle of the nights while riding our bikes. They will just find anything to make you afraid and pay them a couple of Rupees. Don't be afraid, be assertive and show them your licence and let them know that you are willing to be taken down the station if that is what they deem necessary.


    They will just give up once they sense that you are not afraid and don’t give a shit!


    Avoid Baga

    Mandrim beaches are the one you should stick to :)

    If you want to get away from all freaks Mandrim beach is the place. It is not valued among the Goa crowd, but I can assure you that it is one of the nicest beaches in Goa!


    Find the "End of the World" Cafe and Restaurant and you will know what I am talking about...


    BTW, if you hear beats in the middle of the night and you cannot locate them, just ask a taxi/rickshaw driver. They know it all! They will take you there for a couple of Rupees.


    Have fun! The place is still happening in many ways...

  3. Rent a moped, but refrain from riding if you are on MDMA or LSD. Remember that lots of other people are on drugs too so it does not all come down to your own driving.


    The best parties take place in the mornings/evenings at a place called Curlies's @ Anjuna beach. There are also regular parties in the Bamboo Forest just outside of Anjuna, but keep in mind, it is going to be full of drunk charter tourists up until around 3:00-4:00am in the morning. The party starts when the drunks burn-out and the Goa freaks arrive, trust me it is PHAT from 4:00am onwards...


    Nine bar @ Vagator has psy trance pumping from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Most people meet up here and exchange party information etc. etc. It is a good place to start of...


    Stay away from Arambol and the big Christmas and New Year's parties. It is shait and a bit more! Too many try-hards!


    In terms of living, Chapora is where all the crazy ass Goa freaks stay and get high day in and day out. Stay in either Anjuna or Vagator for a nice balance.

  4. It's just impossible sometimes.... I pull it off pretty well when I take a loop from the bits before phrases but often times there aren't any specific beats or anything. Just wizzy, flying, squelchy stuff. It's hard to create decent loops too because right as one squelchy noise ends another starts or everything is ramped (it's climbing in pitch or something).... When it comes to DJ'ing there are a lot of people that won't even consider you a person if you don't mix beats, but is it acceptable to just mix the stuff before phrases? I figure if anyone bitches I can just say "but that's my style" or something along those lines.... What's your guy's thoughts on beat mixing~? Am I an actual person if I just mix the stuff in between phrases?

    You have got to do what sounds good, wherher it is beatmixing or breakmixing. You should not just decide upon one way simply out of principle. When I started mixing, a friend that I trust a lot told me not to forget to be patient and those words always repeat themselves in my head when I get frustrated with my skills (or lack of)...


    So, work (listen) harder and be patient!

  5. pancakes with chocolatpaste and/or strawberry jelly *droool...*

    mad sugar tea


    mushroom tea


    weirdo people


    dogs fighting in creeks


    laughing at cops


    laughing at fighting people


    chickz with boobs


    afternoonz in the sun


    chill-out places


    miles of smiles


    getting your shoes stuck in mud


    eating foul spaghetti


    unearthy conversations


    slow sunrises


    freezing your ass of at 4 AM


    sitting round a big fire


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    veggie wraps mmm

    Nice one strydr!

  6. If I knew you would get so angry, I wouldn't have bothered to post. :)


    I just posted the aspect of the scene which frustrates me, which is the point of this thread, no?

    Yeah Yeah! Basically what your previous post was saying was that I and the other people posting in this thread were annoying you because we were airing some of our frustrations? I reckon you have got to be open-minded to people's frustrations as well... Listen and try to understand where people are coming from...


    For the record, you are not making me angry or annoyed. I just felt that your post was ignorant in light of the previous posts. If people that complain annoy you, why didn't you stay away from this thread?


    i stopped going when things started to annoy me. :)

    Personally the scence does not annoy me to the extent that I don't feel like going to parties. I still love the people and there is nothing like hearing my favourite tracks on a good soundsystem even though I have to sift through some shit as well, but that is all part of it...

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