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  1. It's really about how good one has the hearing. I can hear the difference between mp3s and wavs, but many people don't. It reallly all comes down to what condition your ears are in.


    Btw. I don't know why, but I can hear better with my left ear. Like some high frequencies I can't hear on my right ear, and on the left I can. Is that normal?

    Yes it is normal!

  2. well, I play with mp3s and wavs and also some vinyls when the ones that I like from beatport or the like are available on vinyl. I see nothing wrong in going forward in time, and lets face it, cds are bound to disappear sooner or later anyways... not to mention that also vinyls are harder and harder to get for some genres. I have played mp3 sets on VERY BIG sound systems, and people could not hear the difference between them and the cds that I was spinning. Convenience is also a factor for me, I prefer having 300 albums and 400 singles with me on one computer with an external hard drive than to fucking carry 100 vinyls and 100 cds to a party. I like to have a LARGE selection, so I can change course during my set at any time.


    Plastikman, Sven Vath, Martinez and many many more BIG NAMES are spinning with their computers and also with wavs or mp3s. So, to say that a dj is only a dj when he spins vinyl or cds, and if you want to take it by the MEANING of "DJ" then yeah, you are not one (Hence not being a disc jockey), but for sure he is an artist, and for sure he deserves JUST the acknowledgment that any other dj does. At the end of the day, its the result that counts, and what moves the asses of the crowd and NOT the medium that he/she makes it with. Also bear in mind, that I have been an active dj for 15 years now, so I know the shit I am talking about. :P


    You dont know the effort that some "laptop spinners" put into their sets when they are doing it, the preparation that some people (including me if its a big gig) are doing. So please don't go dissing people that are "laptop spinners" if you don't have a clue about it :) (not wanting to offend anyone).

    Cheers Nemo! I have freaking heard some of your sets (live) and know that you know what you are talking about! So, your reply is encouraging!


    I suppose that there is something in the air that make native HBGers think in particular ways :lol:

  3. Living in New Zealand it just seems more practical to buy music via beatport.com and audiojelly.com


    Your experiences and philosophies with all forms of digital media (excluding CDs) are much appreciated...

  4. Alien Project - Activation Portal



    Just kidding piece of shit

    I've not heard everything but what I have heard I'd say


    Tea Chairs - Tea Chairs for trance

    Sync24 - Source for chill

    WOW, you almost almost got me there!

  5. de double mix cd scores still imo...

    with on one cide sun up and the other sun down (you know what I mean)

    but both sides are even melodic,

    it's astral projection sort of best off mixed :posford:


    I love that 2CD :wub:

    Yeah definitely a wicked compilation. So old-school... :posford:

  6. Very important and relevant question I reckon...


    My partner's primary music preference is definitely not goa or psy trance, but she does not mind it or my passion for it. Occasionally we sit down and talk about my albums and the different psytrance genres. We also talk quite a bit about DJ gear, parties and the underlying values of the culture. Mainly, she is happy about the fact that I am happy and passionate about it.


    In terms of preferences, she kind of likes the easy-to-digest melodic full-on music that is out there, Vibe Tribe etc. She likes the old/nu school goa stuff from Suntrip too, but I think that the combination of complex layering and fast BPMs puts her off her a bit...


    She loves the ambient/downtempo though... Adham Sheikh went down pretty well :drama:

  7. 1) SunTrip

    2) Iboga

    3) Digital Structures


    Runners Up (in alphabetical order):







    Tribal Vision


    :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:


    I would be interested in your personal opinions, not records sales etc. Please also note current labels, i.e. not all time favourites.

  8. This is going to sound a bit redundant, but I always seem to reminisce about the "good-old-days" when I hear Astral Projection. I accidentally came across Amen in my MP3 player the other day and even though I know that this album is very mainstreamed their damn synths still make my neurons shot in mysterious ways. It just reminds me of the 90s, listening to T.I.P., Distance and Destination collections while warming up for parties.


    So, how does Astral Projection's music (both old and new) make you feel today?


    Do not be shy, I suspect that their melodies trigger something in all of us...

  9. From what I understand "goa" is more melodic than psy, and has what you can call "eastern influences". It's probably better to give examples, ie Hallucinogen - LSD (goa) and Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (Psy). Sometimes theres a thin line though, so you can't always know whether a track is psy or goa.


    The impression I have is that most music made today is psy, while there were more goa back in the nineties.


    Are you serious? Would you classify spiritual healing as psy instead of goa trance? Or you just pulling something to illustrate your request?

  10. Awaited follow-up (at least for me)! The combination of old-school Cosmosis structures and melodies with new production technology makes this the freshest and most inspiring album I have listened to this year! It does not disappoint in anyway whatsoever. :posford:


    My current favourites are Tracks 1 and 4, but it will probably take me some time to process the complete brilliance of this masterpiece.

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