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  1. hehe ok man


    we all feel different ways


    this tom cosm is selling 'live' instead of good music

    strydr, how many of Tom Cosm's completed and mastered tracks do you own or have listened to? Just because Tom Cosm have posted a couple of videos on youtube on how to play electronic music live does not mean that the making good music is out of his boundaries. He makes some really good music (electro-prog crossover) that are DJ and crowd favourites in both New Zealand and Australia. He is fucking amazing live!!!

  2. Personally, i've seen tom cosm's video and i think by manually sequencing everything you take alot out of the flow of your live set, drop-ins aren't perfect and it all sounds a bit to shabby for me, i'd prefer a perfect live playback set where everything is sure to come in key and with all the trippy impossible-to-do-live-button-bashing-crazyness fx build ups and pan swingz, swooshing and swiishing to the random outcome of button-pushing and aiming to do something because of some weirdo ideal of 'doing it live' which is rather impossible in our beloved 145 bpm mechanotrance subgenre.


    I mean, the music should be good right? :blink:

    Dude, I have seen Tom Cosm live numerous times. So what are you saying? That he sounds shabby? Live means live for him and he is fucking good when he does it! Sorry to be a bit off-topic, but don't diss Tom Cosm!!!

  3. Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries und VA - Twist Dreams (Suntrip)


    I own and have listened to most other major proggy releases this year, but I cannot say any of them are up there, not even Ace or SCS. They are good good, but still not excellent in my opinion.


    And yes, Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica is pretty damn good as well!

  4. Are you in Slovenia? I would not worry about it too much then. I have actually got all of my orders from them intact. Some have taken longer to arrive than others, probably because I live in NZ and Abasio in Japan. So, the distances make it more complicated. Psyshop are efficient that is for sure, but (and that is a big BUT) if something fucks-up, don't expect them to send you another shipment or refund you $$... I still trust them though.


    Just divide your orders into 2-3 smaller ones, they arrive faster and you would not loose as much if one of the parcels got lost...

  5. Are you sure about this one? Imho one of the weakest prog releases this year and I listened to pretty much all of them. If you did listen to samples and liked it then get it otherwise be careful with that one.

    Dude the layerings in this album are way too complex to understand by just listening to it once or twice... Massive album in my opinion, it just takes time to fully undertand what it is that is being conveyed.

  6. TRiP was always my portal for me to the wider world of goa trance. As previously mentioned, I discovered both goa trance and the internet around the the same time in the mid-nineties. It was just really cool to connect to likeminded people around the world, read reviews, read about parties going on around the world and check out the various photo galleries. One aspect of the site that I particularly remember is their extensive external/useful links section. It would keep me occupied for hours and hours. I downloaded quite a few mixes from all corners of the world. Pretty mind-blowing stuff for a 16 year-old in 1995!

  7. Yeah, if you invite me to play ;)



    how rude! haha

    Haha! Nemo, you would have been the guest of fucking honour!



    Neverteless, the line-up is so packed out for the 3rd so I would be able to add anyone comfortably... The gig on the 17th is in a much smaller venue, but we usally manage to create a pretty intimate evening... 40-50 people!


    Dj details? We will be making flyers in the week...

  8. it's gonna be warmer in great barrier island ;)

    but yea i might be around welly the 3rd of nov and would be cool to meet up =)


    straydog there is a club in newmarket, space bar, there is going to be a psytrance party the 24th =) they were finishing the flyers when i spoke to them.




    Hi Lars, where are you from by the way? I am actually originally from Sweden, been here for 7 years.


    Come down for the 3rd matey, it is going to be Wellington at it's best, for sure... You can always stay at my place for a night or two. I have not got a couch, but could probably organize a mattress or something.


    Straydog! There are sporadic parties taking place all over the Auckland area. Just check psydj.com regularly for details...

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