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  1. Synth Piano All kinds of drums Tribal instruments O_o Flute Guitars Bass
  2. Pistoleeroooo! Diung di diung, dau dau dau daung dau daung, duang duang duang dau dada daung, daung daung dau daung da daung...
  3. I love his music. I love his talent. I believe in Shponglism. He is not a god, he is one of the gods.
  4. Enjoying the new Talamasca album. Playing Overload atm
  5. Non-electronic... Finnish metal bands, like Kotiteollisuus and Nightwish, but thats it. Reggae goes too.
  6. I haven't heard any of these tracks but I'm curious. I guess it's disturbing.
  7. Whoa! Thats awesome. I liked the creatures
  8. Tube & Berger - Straight Ahead (great track ;D)
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