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    Greetings dear Earthlings. Moon Koradji Records proudly presents their new release VA Neural Embers: 1. Inzect - Trip (148) 2. Molchun - Drame Essentiel (149) 3. Adansonia - Vendaval (150) 4. Inzect - Trap (148) 5. Adansonia - Extract & Eject (149) 6. Molchun - Théâtre de la Cruauté (149) 7. Adansonia - Flaming Worms (149) 8. Inzect - Troll (150) 9. Molchun - Deconstructed Cocktail (151) The split includes some of the most unique and avant-garde artists of psytrance scene: Inzect from Sweden, Molchun from Russia and Adansonia from Argentina. Each of them will show his mastery of the transformation of thought into an audio form. The journey will be entertaining and will undoubtedly open new horizons for you. Compiled by DJ Omsun Graphics by Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio Mastering by Christer Lundström @ Ka-Sol Studio Release date: May 15th, 2020 Moon Koradji Records - World Wide Psychedelic http://moonkoradji.com/
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    VA - FullOn for sure. Cybel and Xerox & Freeman, amazing. Also The Forum and Tripout. Hyperion - Sunflower is such a beautiful track. Shiva Space Technology Israel and Over The Sunrise if you like that kind of early nitzhonot. I used to listen to them alot in the late 90's.
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    You need to track down Trance Mix 3. Only tracks by Har-El Prussky, Yan-iv Haviv and Edi Mis. A reviewer at Discogs wrote this about that compilation:
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    You can add those two very active labels to the list https://goamadnessrecordsofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/
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    I've noticed what seems to be a bug on the forum, some threads I've started will appear as having 0 views, despite having replies in them Which makes no sense? My guess is that there is somekind of error with the refresh/update between the server-side of things and the forum users? Maybe something to do with the glitches users have experienced with the forum skins? Just some armchair expert speculations here.
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    For some reason I'm still in love with this music and I see a positive evolution... more and more promos we are getting from Suntrip are "different". You must have noticed in our releases lately. For example the Hypnoxock we just released is clearly more modern, funky on the edge of even psy trance at some points. The Clementz we will release tomorrow is straight 90s. We are working on a melodic forest compilation, and e have guys from the 90s making 1 more goa track for us... most of them do use some modern elements tho... I really feel there is room again for experimentation, and this is good! Lets go
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    OK, good to know what my coworkers mean when they call me fucking sick.
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    Dear Agneton i read carefully your definition of Nitzhonot on Wikipedia and its very nice and a great effort but some things are not accurate or need couple of updates so here is some help and tips for you. A)Yahel had absolutely nothing to do with Nitzhonot Trance.His one and only release was Rising Star in a compilation named Save The Robot and was done after the request of Mike Verros who needed a track for that cd.I am preety sure he overjoyed while producing this track but the guy has absolutely nothing to do with Nitzhonot either in his early or his latest works.You should remove him completely from the wikipedia page. B)You should really include Destination,Ezotery Space and Sonichaos in your main artists from Israel list.Destination were actually the masterminds behind every Iceman (Kobi Kastoriano) track and for me they were probably the best Nitzhonot group ever with really really great and emotional tracks most of them never released unfortunately.Ezotery Space (Shahar Radjanski who was always mentioned on flyers simply as Sahar) was also a very influential producer and Sonichaos (Safi Connection in our days) although i never liked his music he had a very very influential album at that time with a great success.These guys were more famous and important than Trivia,Kaylosh,D Zager and more.By the way some credit should also go to Shuki Erdry who was the very first Nitzhonot dj ever played in Greece and DJ Amico (Injector) who were actually the two guys who provided that time's Greek DJ's with the music they played.Special mention also for Charlie from Mystica who was the actual reason that this music every came to Greece for those who know C)Also in the Nitzhonot albums and compilations you should really include Holymen's C4 and Seventh Heaven that actually made the israeli music really famous around Greece and not only and also exclude Cherouvim's debut album Global Touch that had nothing to do with the typical israeli Nitzhonot.Adding also Excalibur Janana would also be wise. D)Speaking about greek remarkable artists i guess you should include Qsys (very underated) and Space Odyssey instead of Dementia who made their first releases in 2002 if i remember correctly when things were already dying as far as i can remember. E)In the greek albums and compilations you should really include the Transistance and Melodic Morning series that had a great success back then and the best selling uplifting album in Greece ever by Cyan named Braindance.Also you should fit somewhere the Shiva Space Technology series that were half greek half israeli. F)Also you mentioned something about Nitzhonot evolving into Full On.Actually the term Full On was already there (or came shortly after,and i mean really shortly) when Nitzhonot appeared and has absolutely nothing to do with it.These are two tottally different kinds of music and the fact that some artists moved from Nitzhonot into Full On was only done for commercial purposes after Nitzhonot/Uplifting became extinct. G)Speaking about extinction there is no such thing as second or third generation of uplifting culture in Greece.The music is officially dead since 2002-2003 and only around 200-300 people (most of them of very young age) are still interested and involved with in Greece and most of them in the capital city of Athens.No releases,no labels,no parties,no nothing.This music either some people like it or not is simply dead and should only be mentioned for reference purposes like now.In the beggining it was nice,then it evolved in something not so nice and then it died like all things do one day.Birth,evolution,death like Darwin said. Thats all i guess,going to check what happened to my old cds and minidiscs hehe.
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