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  1. The level of disrespect being shown here towards astral projection is absolutely mind boggling. We're going to correct the record real quick.. Astral projection Nilaya Maha deva Dancing galaxy People can fly Kabbalah Utopia This will never end. They are goa legends. You see as a Thai boxing champion and with the level of skill I've achieved and those who followed my fights and knew me from being on tv and newspaper..they know me as the champ. There was a point I got sick and gained some weight. I was STILL THE CHAMP. after I wasn't sick anymore, pure prize fight condition. Once a champion, always a champion. That is true for astral projection. Now if everyone would read their comments and strip this thread of all the hate and negative energy it might just motive avi and Lior. Either way, as true audiophiles here, we can recognize when an artist has to get the rust off.. you can tell when an artist is about to come back with the renewed vigor and love for the sound. That will be astral projections new album.
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