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Ephedra: Resilient Horizon (OUT NOW)

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Dive into the cosmic realms with Ephedra's latest album, "Resilient Horizon." Embark on an journey through spacey melodies, pulsating goatrance rhythms and hypnotic acid sounds. This album is a testament to Ephedra's two decades of musical exploration and evolution. Prepare to elevate your senses and lose yourself in the ethereal soundscape of Ephedra's universe...


1: Drifting Humanity
2: Resilient Horizon
3: Exploring The Roots
4: Neon Hued Daze
5: Puissance 8000
6: A New Source
7: Where Realities Briefly Contrive
8: Fallout
9: Symphony of Emotions


Mastering by: Cassio Centurion 

Est Release: April 2024

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Ephedra is one of the best neo goa artists. Nova fractal, filteria and e-mantra keeps him company. 

This sounds really good musicwise but I'm not too keen on the mastering, it's a bit too mid/mid-high focused, making it a tad sharp and "telephone" like. 

Also perhaps the music is a bit generic now? it kinda reminds me alot of cosmic dimension.. I want to like it more than I do but it's still pretty damn good, hopefully the end product will sound even better. 

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