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Various Suntrip Classix Vol. 2 - Mars


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Suntrip Classix Vol. 2 - Mars



Battle Of The Future Buddhas – Into Heaven 8:45

MFG – Pure Energy 9:23

Denshi-Danshi – Mariposa (Live Remix) 7:56

Morphic Resonance – Psychedelic Hell 8:13

Radical Distortion – The Dreamer 7:34

Khetzal – Gather Your Herds 9:12

Nebula Meltdown – Alnitak Sunrise 7:29

Asura Vs. Aes Dana – Elie 9:58


Super compilation from Suntrip, the second in their Suntrip Classix series. I can sum up my feelings on this one by saying what a bliss it is to have Battle of the Future Buddhas on vinyl, but plenty of other great tracks too. I feel that this compilation is better than Vol 1, mainly because the tracks are all corkers, but also because it is quite carefully curated and has flow.  


Battle of the Future Buddhas "Into Heaven" - What can I say, Songs From a Forgotten Memory is a titanic release and the best album of 2021 for me, so this is just a beautiful track that sounds incredible on vinyl. Please Suntrip release the whole album on vinyl. A+++

MFG "Pure Energy" - I'm also a big fan of MFG and rate The Prophecy as one of the greatest Goa albums. Happily "Pure Energy" does not disappoint. Once it gets going after a dreamy intro that modulates between the pretty and the eerie, this track has a slapping rhythm section and bubbling synths leading to the main 303 melody that rips along with, you got it, pure energy. This is quite a blissful track very much in the Israeli tradition. A

Denshi-Danshi "Mariposa (Live Remix)" - That Denshi-Danshi's "Mariposa" is probably the weakest track on the album shows just what a quality compilation this is. A swirly track with a memorable pixie-like main melody, I have nothing critical to say about it. A 

Morphic Resonance "Psychedelic Hell" - What a storming track. Now we see that the 3 openers, excellent as they were, were just an extended bubbling build up and we reach boiling point with Morphic Resonance's heavy duty stomper. This track comes from City of Moons, still Morphic's best album in my view, and takes no prisoners - there's a relentless, pummelling, punishing heavy metal quality to this track that whilst dark in a sci-fi way bursts with energy and confidence. Great track. A+ 

Radical Distortion "The Dreamer" - The segue between "Psychedelic Hell" and "The Dreamer" is perfect, both tracks are in a similar tempo so djs can very easily mix the two together. I love the slight waver on the lead 303 melody - o'er am I getting the psychedelic shivers? A 

Khetzal "Gather Your Herds" - We come down from the peak of the Morphic Resonance and Radical Distortion tracks to the blissed out Khetzal track. This track features one of those melodies that once it gets lodged in your head won't get out - a joyous ear-worm melody that reminds me of the happily naive days of Platipus Records. Luckily this bliss is balanced by the fact that this track is quite long and unfolds in an epic, almost stately, fashion, or else it might have been a nursery rhyme. A 

Nebula Meltdown "Alnitak Sunrise" - The revelation of the compilation for me as I hadn't heard it before. What a flipping great track this is. The production values are superb and it sounds just glorious on my system on vinyl - an audiophile experience. Featuring a slapping beat and gated choirs, this is a very old school track that also reminds me of Platipus Records. A+ 

Asura vs Aes Dana "Elie" - The comedown is this beautiful track with Indian chanting and an epic quality. Classic track. A+ 


Not a single track that I don't rate at least A - impressive. Just as impressive is how carefully curated this VA album is, slowly building towards a peak and then slooowly coming down from that peak into relaxation. If you want a party at home, you can do a lot worse than just putting this compilation on. It is also noteworthy how old school this compilation is - it even has Platipus Records style vibes towards the end and it doesn't get more old school or more childishly happy than that! Good job Suntrip Records! ~*~

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i don't have the vinyl so i can't say a thing about that,  but i know the eight songs

my top three are:


1. morphic resonance: i like all three of his albums, the first one was the most in your face one, pure power and energy, it is what it is, and its FIRE, just let the hardware go! and dont spend 1000 hours on perfecting a song in cubase, like his attitude and this is one of his better songs

2. asura vs aes dana: memories of parties in belgium at 10 o clock in the morning, nostalgia

3. khetzal - gather your herds: its total cheesy, over the top, too happy, naive BUT it works and makes me happy, it does the trick, have seen him live with his violin doing downtempo and uptempo sets, always fun

always been a suntrip fan, like the most of their releases,  i can still remember when they released their first album and when they and there friends organised their first party, they really started a revival (and a chanche to see a lot of legendary acts at small parties)




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