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Artist: Suduaya
TitleL SoulQuest
Label: Self Release
Date: June 17, 2022



1. SoulQuest Opening
2. Mulhadhara
3. Svaddhistana
4. Manipura
5. Anahata
6. SoulQuest Interlude
7. Vishuddha
8. Ajna
9. Sahasrara
10. SoulQuest Closing


You gotta love Crowdfunding. It gives us the opportunity to purchase things without any idea of how it’s going to turn out. All based off a singular pitch. Shark tank for the proletariat. And no you don’t get to share in the profits of the product. But you get to share in using the product to drive profits, like the good little workers that we are.

Recently while surfing the campaigns for the next pair of dress shoes that feel like sneakers or another pair of the best sounding true wireless earbuds ever I came across a diamond. A sure thing. Ol faithful Suduaya securing funding for his next project before it is released. What an idea. I’ve seen it before with other artists and it’s a great idea. When someone like Louis-David Roquefere does it, it gets even more exciting.

So what’re ya going do but back a sure thing. I had more confidence in this than the time I put my life savings in the crypto market in April 2022. A SURE THING

Sometimes the only thing safer than the most volatile market ever known to humans is trusting an artist that has never let you down before.

In this album you find beautiful introductions. Multi-instrumentalism, jazzy instruments, bassy moments, emotional story lines, cloudy atmospheres, uplifting melodies, tracks that twist and shift direction before you see it coming, rumbling sub-bass, soft delicate melodic tones that feel like they could snap if they were just touched the wrong way, songs overflowing with love and positivity, downtempo hypnotic trance mixed in with hand beaten drums, vocals, flute clicking, you’ll find joy, harmonies of electronic and natural layers Do i need to go on?

I’ll go on

There are myriads of elements creating symphonic adult only bed-time tales that fine, would also be alright for small children but only small children with a good taste in music, other children can get fwarked. there are gentle moments of  eastern string plucking and dense layers of synths sifting over the airwaves like a thick. There is a goddamned interlude, Clapping, clicking, tapping, 




How are you not supposed to be put into a state of bliss by it, how are you supposed to not find yourself surrounded by a calm sense of understanding towards the pains of the universe. Are you a demon? Are you a demon from hell? Is that what you are? Well I’m not because I paid for the extra tier on indiegogo that said “Not a demon from hell” it’s cheap and easy not be a demon and damn it feels good.

Audio mastering has been done by Aes Dana which simply means high quality resolution and depth given to each track. I've listened to this on cheap plastic true wireless headphones and a high iem. It works either way but the higher the end the higher the pay off.

I don't know how many chakras I have. But each one is vibrating to a higher plane as tracks like Manipura rumble away. The perfect track for flying through clouds or crossing the Bifröst.

It feels good to listen to this album from start to finish, it feels good to skip around randomly, it feels good to force your friends who like heavy metal to listen to Sahasrara as you lecture them on the Baghavad Ghita like they’ve committed a hate crime. It feels good to fall asleep to Ajna as you’re driving on a busy highway. And it would feel good to fall asleep to Soulquest Closing if it didn’t mean that album had ended and there were no more beautifully dreamy tunes to soak every single one of your clavicles in. That actually, that feels bad.

But it's 17 minutes long and I love a long goodbye.

Hey whats this button do?



Repeat album continuously?


Life, aint so bad.




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I'm grateful to Tsotsi for alerting me to this new psychill album from Suduaya, an artist I haven't listened to before. This is certainly thoughtfully arranged music, with carefully crafted mellower and slightly more intense sections. I particularly appreciated some of the twitchy guitar and the clicky percussion. I may, however, be one of those curmudgeonly heavy metal types that Tsotsi wants to recite the Bhagavad Gita to as he lectures them on their shrivelled hearts and overly analytical craniality because my cheese alert, admittedly often on high alert, goes into the red on this album - most notably when the sax utters its nasal sonorities on track two or when the predictable  vapourous silky synth textures float by on nearly every track. Yep, I was thinking Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar, Om Lounge level cheesecore - lay it on thick - quattro formaggio. There's barely a minor chord on the whole album and the melodies are often nursery rhymeish. Call me a Scrooge if you wish, but to me a soul quest that does not involve facing, if not delving deeply into, the dark side barely merits the title Soul Quest. Indeed, for me a work of art needs to have salt and pepper, light and dark. The pitch black is as banal, uninteresting, and lonely as the purely light; it is contrast that makes for energy, propulsion, and intrigue. Even leaving aside this persnickety criticism, which I freely admit may be my bias, I do not think this stacks up with the classics of our beloved genre. It comes off as lightweight and superficial compared to anything by Shpongle, Entheogenic, OTT, Androcell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, etc.

This is music for the yoga studio, the incense and crystal shops, the airport, and the lift in a Dubai skyscraper. As such, it is a triumph. ~*~ 

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