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DJ Basilisk Mixes 2022


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Hello again! It's a new year so I'm starting another thread for fresh mixes. Everything I'm doing these days is carefully curated, properly mastered, and sourced entirely from lossless audio.

First up is this Y2K-era progressive mix, but it's not only (or even mainly) progressive psytrance. You'll hear progressive house, progressive trance, and a healthy serving of techno in various forms. As with most of my other long mixes this one builds slowly and has a nice comedown filled with broken beats, IDM, downtempo, and pure ambient.

Full info and download links are available on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/transmissions-from-arcadia/


For reference, here's the thread from last year: 


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I am also active in producing guest mixes for different channels. I'll eventually post this one on my own site, but for now, if you'd like to hear my tribute to Y2K-era French psytrance, techtrance, and progressive, check out the first 80 minutes of this broadcast:


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I have another new mix out this month, the fourth chapter of the Expanse Cycle, which focuses on ambitious cross-genre journeys. 76 tracks and nearly 5 hours of cutting edge techno, psytrance, electro, downtempo and ambient, all smoothly mixed and properly mastered:

Full info, track listing, download links, and even a cue sheet available from my website:

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