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Menog - The Tribe Remixes


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Artist: Menog
Title: The Tribe Remixes
Label: Nutek Records
Date: October, 2006

1. Upsidedown (Menog Rmx) - Bliss
2. Serius Problem (Menog Rmx) - Shift
3. Techmology V3 (Menog Rmx) - Rinkadink
4. Fusion Reaction (Menog Rmx) - Digital Talk Vs. Azax Syndrom
5. Roop Suhana (Menog Rmx) - Audialize
6. Deleted (Menog Rmx) - CPU
7. Twitched (Menog Rmx) - Space Tribe Vs. Psywalker
8. Music Is My Space (Menog Rmx) - Planet B.E.N.
9. Emotions (Rmx)


This is how I feel when Nutek reveals a promising tracklist. I already know their game, they're not fooling me. And I don't care that this is former night-time trance stalwart Daniel Bernardo remixing all these tracks. Because unfortunately at this stage I know what we're going to get.

Commercial full-on with no surprises.

These remixes are watered down versions of the originals. Well produced surely, but this has that shiny, Nutek hand print all over it. Yeah, there's acid in these tracks and they are powerful full-on beats, but something ain't quite right.

Besides the fact that all the tracks sound the same. Best one here is the Serius Problem remix, but that's mainly because it was such a kick ass track to begin with. A covid monkey could make that track great with a spoon and a cast iron skillet. I remember when I reviewed his album previous to this (Musically Speaking) that he was coming very close to the commercial full-on trap he used to avoid. Well it seems he dove head first into that pit.

I'm aware that this release is 16 years old, but I'm also cognizant of the fact that Sgt. Pepper is over 50. I'm also over 50.

And I'm awesome.

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