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"V/A - Ultravision V3"


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Artist: Various
Title: Ultravision V3
Label: Ultravision Records
Date: July, 2012

1. Amplify - Future Shock (Brain Hunters Rmx)
2. Orca - Turtles From the Abyss
3. Bussy - Hard Frequency
4. Technodrome Vs. Panayota - Fallenstar
5. Double R.E.L. - Sound Shock
6. Magneto - Technical Problem
7.  Iliuchina Vs. D.N.I. & Nature Disaster - Perfect Match
8. Sychonaut Vs. Systematix - Liquid Mess
9. Remove - Inside
10. Alienn Vs. Klacid - Infinity Questions


Once upon a time I actually paid for this.

I've been going thru my collection and trying to drop the dead weight and heavenly black Jesus does this qualify. There is nothing like some really good night-time psy.

And this is nothing like some really good night-time psy. Stops and starts and insanely long buildups that cosplays at night-time full-on. There is nothing here with which to sink one's teeth. Shallow and headache inducing loudness as if there was a contest to see who could make a track with the most annoying sounds. Machine gun kick drum abuse is rampant along with way too much preset fellatio. If I wanted to hear R. Lee Ermey I would've watch Full Metal Jacket again. Besides a tidal wave of shame I believe I actually experienced physical pain after listening to Sound Shock. Double R.E.L...aren't you embarrassed? It's like looking at an elementary school photo complete with bowl cut, birth control glasses, and a gi-normous urine stain on the front of your pants that the f*cking school photographer didn't think was worth a mention before he took the shot. That sh*t is forever.

The one saving grace on this album is a good old-fashioned acidic face melter by Remove. The last third is f*cking filthy.

Aside from that, think of it as a public service I don't link to this disaster.

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