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UnityVerse Music presents: Anima Mundi (VA)

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UnityVerse Music proudly presents "Anima Mundi". A carefully selected group of sonic wizards from around the world have joined Cosmic Touch and Neon Jesus on this quest to co-create an offering to the world soul. With many different styles and moods present, this journey will take you through the full spectrum of psychedelic downtempo and deep into the mind of the over-soul that resides in all.

1. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Freakquency (Cosmic Touch Remix)
2. EMOG - Shadowcat
3. Mawru - Red Sun
4. Opalescence - Yokai
5. Lovement - Umami
6. Stonecutter Simms - Fun In The Dark
7. MAOA & Tin Jay - EarthShine
8. Balancé - Bubble Eyes
9. Step High & Beatfarmer - Nature's Spirit (Beatfarmer Remix)
10. Lab's Cloud - Discosine
11. Advanced Suite - A Little Twisted
12. Psydraft - Subpsy Spy
13. Echosphere - Heal With Me
14. Neon Jesus - Anima Mundi Full Album Mix




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