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UnityVerse Music and Visionary Shamanics presents: Unified Visions (VA)

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Visionary Shamanics label head Mystical Voyager and UnityVerse Music label head Cosmic Touch have joined forces for the first time to bring you a collaboration project between the two labels.
A carefully selected group of sonic magicians have joined this team effort, to manifest the optimal mind travel conditions for a unique & uplifting inner journey. Lovingly crafted and fine tuned over many months the voyage is finally ready for the first passengers into inner space. It is with great pride we present to you these Unified Visions.

1. Pangani & Cosmic Touch - Gaia Step
2. Opalescence - Unified
3. Advanced Suite - Spectraings
4. Lovement - Twin Eclipse
5. Tribal Alchemy feat. Abelid - Contact
6. SubRoot - Sync Point
7. Psydraft - Hudu Guru
8. Cosmic Touch & Psychoz - Neptune Rising
9. Coltcutz - The Haunting (Wise Tree Remix)
10. DeathMomenT & Darklord Gob - Fangorn
11. The Glitch Wizard - Tribal Dubz




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