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Va - Organic Fractal Vol. 1


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Artists: Various
Title: organic Fractal Vol.1
Label: Shemballa Records
Release: 1st March 2021
Compiled By: Royroy & Majinaor



1. Astrogano - Kind Of Redemption?
2. Sykespico - Energy Of The Universe
3. Quantum Dynamics - Apollo
4. Cypher - Rave Movement
5. Event Horizen - Letting Go
6. Fuzzonaut - Heykhan Ze Hadavar
7. GoAtmika - Came To Me In A Dream
8. Laughing Skull - Highway To Hell
9. Majinaor - Inspire The Liars


We going Oldschool, too much music to listen to and not enough time.
Organic Fractals is the first release from newcomer label Shemballa Records, I made a joke about them in the Promotional section that was to funny to repeat here.

For real though fuck, I'm actually drowning under music right now. Where the fuck are all these releases coming from?

Ah shit, well we're in it now.

The album reminds me of Mamomams Records First Va - 604 Syndrome. Not in the style of trance per se, but a rare bread of Goa/Psy that I might actually prefer in a club than outdoors.....Ok I'll always prefer the outdoors, but it gets close. It would work, I say Goa can survive in clubs now days, and labels like these guys are doing their bit. Ok well first release, so who knows what these guys are gonna do. But it's banger


Astrogano starts it off nicely, A full complete but caressing sound, like a room full of carpeted walls. Prettily hypnotizing.

Sykespico Does what Sykespico does. A disco ball Goa rocker. These guys deserve a roller rink to be named after them. You're gonna need squares skates & bell bottom jeans if you want to get down to this track, forget about those cool blades that all the speedsters use, those aren't for us. Not as many Screaming moments as in their last album, these guys are always developing but always bring the right attitude along to the party.

Quantum Dynamics Apollo Feels alive and healthy enough to get through 4 more pandemics. Bring it on baby! The twisting knobs come and go from in n' around the bars and then leave some others. Dynamic and nothing short of engaging.

Cypher's Rave Movement is a serious real deal no holds barred smooth rocker. It's so funky, I dunno, highly recommend and would have bought this album just for it. A favorite from the album.

Event Horizon knows what he is doing. I think he's super under rated, probably one of the crazier fun artists who gets lost in the wave of Goa that's crushing down around us. His sound is super clean here and the melodies and finale are on point. Event Horizon has a beautiful habit of going hard for his final act.

Fuzzonaut is a mood changer for sure, we just got a secondment into another feel. Maybe forget what I said about in door club music, or maybe don't, I cant tell. The stacked leads that come in let me know that Fuzzonaut knows exactly what he is doing. The song turns straight up wild.

GoAtmika's Came To Me In A Dream stands out for it's crazy wild arpeggiated OR gatored melody. I still don't really know what an arpeggio is, but it's one of the two. it's crazy, and flailing, and sparing with the layers that it stacks. But all those layers are perfect, the notes have have twists, bends and fx on their edges that wrap them around at the last moment before they are replaced with more psychedelically fun unpredictable sounds.

Laughing Skull is known for crazy boisterous stuff yes? (I wrote that before I heard the first melody (and it feels good to be right)). Like an archer drawing a bow Laughing Skull draws and releases torrent after torrent of blasting noises our way.

Majinaor  - The guys who run the label have a little track for us. And what a way to bring it to us. Even if this whole label was just a ploy to get their name out there i'm all aboard. The melody never ends and carries it's way through the song with tact.


Who are these artists? Why do they all sound so good? I recognise some of the names but the album is great and has a fun maturity to it. I recognise Fuzzonaut, I think I even have his Shunyavada album, In fact I do, and i dont listen to it, I don't know why, I definitely have listened to it before, and just never got back to it. There is too much music, and I only listen to like 2 genres. Like I said, I'm drowning in good music. So i guess thanks to these assholes over at Shembella Records who selfishly just gave me another source of music and bunch of artists that I need to listen to.

Fantastic first release with some playful, fun and well developed psychedelic Goa sounds.




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Thanks for making us discover this new label. I hadn't hear about it.

It seems they're all Israelis (wow, that's a whole new bunch of people, the future is bright). I'm less convinced than you by Quantum Dynamics' Apollo Feels which i find too formulaic. But i agree with your comment on Sykespico's song. I usually don't like their style, but this one tune is a very nice suprise. Laughing Skull's song is also massive.

And yes, Event Horizon definitely has something. Rising new talent. They have several releases on Timewarp and Parallel 303. That's for future reviews. Also, the dude asks for feedbacks so it'd be good if he sees this thread.

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