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Sample to Jaia - Mai Mai

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Hi everyone. I used the search and found nothing.

Anyone knows the samples to Jaia - Mai Mai? It is a well known track, so maybe I can get lucky.

@0:32 and @3:35

Or maybe in of one of its remixes it is cleaner to understand (Silicon Sound, Invisible Reality, Digicult vs U-Recken, you name it).

It appears to be some oriental language.

Thank you.


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Hi full_on, it's your trippy friend here!  It's been a while, hope you're doing well.

I've also tried to translate this previously - it definitely sounds Japanese, so I can hear something like "Yumeina gema mai mai" - that bit is without music in the Invisible Reality remix at 0:48.  Probably doesn't help much though unless someone can actually understand it.



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On 2/6/2021 at 1:42 AM, Day Tripper said:

it definitely sounds Japanese



Mai-Mai means "forever" in Vietnamese. 


Mãi Mãi
Lâu lắm rồi để tôi kể người nghe chuyện của cái nhạc sanh ra ở trên trời. Tôi yêu nó, mê nó mãi mãi.
Mãi mãi tin về Phật, mãi mãi.
Mãi mãi tin về Phật,
Nam mô a di đà Phật,
Nam mô tổ sư Thích Ca Mâu Ni Phật,
Nam mô Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát.

Song name: Forever
Long time ago let me tell you the story about a kind of music what borned in the heaven. I love it, love it forever.
Forever believe in Buddha, forever.
Forever believe in Buddha,
Namo Amitabha Buddha,
Namo master Sakyamuni Buddha,
Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

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