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VA - Protozoa 5 - New Horizons (Sita Records 2021)

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Hello all!

Latest release from sita records is out!



"Back to the past we present you the messengers of the next millennium. Sonic Nitzhonot evolution is forever. Dance from the morning sun into the dark of twilight with these 9 carefully tracks selected by Agneton and lose yourself into the world beyond!"

1. Zopmanika - Chants Of Shiva 10:52

2. Goalien - Destruction 06:54

3. Zion Star Division (aka Triquetra) - Chakra Crusher 08:20

4. Rayavana - Mogiła 06:08

5. Agneton feat. PharaOm - Mind Basher 08:04

6. Agrabah - Flux Capacity 08:21

7. Gezenstern - Symphony Of Typhoon 07:11

8. Cels Mimesis - Docte 08:17

9. Morphic Resonance - Between Dreams & Reality 09:31


Get it here!



Cover art by yours truly :p



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