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Todra - Dust From The Past


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Artist: Todra
Title: Dust From The Past
Label: Unreleased Goa Records
Date: July, 2020

1. Liquid Sun
2. Sacred Whisper
3. Halloween
4. Heavy Ride 2
5. Dead End
6. Viber
7. Escaping Spirit
8. Dreamatic
9. Spanish Fly

Releasing music from the past has been around well, since there was a past.  Sometimes it's done to capitalize on a moment, drop in for a quick cash grab, and then there is that awesome unearthing of something great.  DAT Records has been instrumental in bringing back the past with numerous high profile releases that are damn near legendary now.  Thanks to the pandemic a lot of labels are focusing on their digital side of operations.  Todra was an Israeli duo who flew under my radar certainly.  I knew of their debut album Figure of Sound however it didn't blow me away and I didn't give it much thought. 

But this is pure gold. 

This was to be their second album (unreleased) that was literally left in a drawer gathering dust.  Thankfully it is now free to be heard.  I find this to be a wonderful mixture of late 90's psytrance while still hanging on to the goa flavor of the mid 90's.  It's electric with a futuristic feel with a full, rich sound.  It's thumps along with driving rhythms, assorted squelches and screeches that appear to come from every direction, and well timed breaks that allow the music to breathe.  It's extremely psychedelic music that then surprises with nimble goa melodies sacrificing nothing.  The attention to detail is great and even though I knew it was something special when I first heard it, repeated listens only confirmed it.

Like 1998 Krembo style psytrance?  They got you.  A fan of futuristic GMS weirdness?  They got you.  Guitars that don't sound like a hunk of annoying cheese? They got you.  This release is part Eon Project, part Four Carry Nuts, part GMS, and part Tim Schuldt.

Highly recommended!

Unreleased Goa Records Bandcamp

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