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Juno Reactor - Badimo Lyrics?

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Can anyone get lyrics for this track? I've been listening to it since ... year 2000 just about and... 

It has chanting that I want... written and translated if possible. 

I dunno what he's saying but it sounds like 

Bockimo ... something... (defiantly not saying badimo) 

And sounds very "demonic"... and thats really interesting 

BockSaga.info will tell you all about that. <--- bock saga explains everything including Shiva. xD 

If this is some African equivalent of the mythological all-father... That would be really interesting...

I know the album is named shango after the thunder god... and that could also be the bock / all-father

Which is the horned god / goddess figure everyone thinks is bad because they dunno wtf is going on...

and have been forcibly indocrinated by the mainstream narrative for thousands of years which is our dark age of ignorance / kali yuga... etc. 

U know what I mean....


Anyway yea... any lyrics for this chant? 


boom shiva


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