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Nebula Meltdown - Selected Experimental Tracks 2001​-​2006

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Nebula Meltdown -  Selected Experimental Tracks 2001-2006


1. Bending Space (original 01-01 mix) 06:58

2.Kerberos 06:56

3.Atlantix 07:17

4.Drunken Cobra 07:46

5.Asthma 07:26

6.Hellraiser (Pinhead has a Migraine) 07:23

7.Tombstone 07:29

8.Nebulasphere (original 2001 mix) 08:42

9.Global Killer 06:16

10.The Gnat (Live Edit) 06:37

11.The Gateway (original mix) 07:23

12.The Orcs are Back in Business 08:10

13.Protein Synthesis 08:32

14.Painful Echoes 08:20

15.Last Day at Eden (Live Edit) 08:49

16.Magic Virgo 07:50

17.Technotihuacan 07:37

18.Giant Maggot (2003 version) 08:20

19.Couch Philosophy 07:39

20.Heads or Tails 08:49

21.The Gateway (2005 remix) 09:55

22.Mental Assassin 08:40

23.Ego Hunter 08:49

24.The First Sight 08:30


"In celebration of my 20th year as a psytrance artist I have chosen here a selection of my older tracks ranging from 2001 to 2006. Some of them are quite bad sound quality-wise but listenable.
All of the tracks are done with Fruity Loops 2.70 (those of you who remember the version will know immediately what a pain it was) :D Enjoy & have a good time all the time."

I asked him to share these tracks sometime ago, said perhaps and I'm soooo happy he finally did. If anyone remembers, I hyped nebula before because of tracks like these. Epitome of Psychedelic goa with a suomi twist. Ego Hunter is madness if you need a track to start with. :)




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