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Painters of Thoughts - Trilogy of Chaos

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Artist: Painters of Thoughts
Title: Trilogy of Chaos
Label: Parabola Music
Date: November, 2019

1. Magical Saturdays
2. Trilogy of Chaos
3. Angels of Dreams
4. Megatron Secret
5. Big Boss
6. Divine Mission
7. Count Seven
8. Media
9. Night Shift
10. Cosmic String
11. Imaginary World
12. Psychic Modulation
13. Dream Particle
14. Hypnotic Program
15. Back To Reality
16. Immortal Shadow
17. Bicycle Tune (Wonderboy Edit)
18. Getafix 550
19. Survival
20. Zuckerberg

Painters of Thoughts are the California Sunshine of Goa Trance.  Mostly meh, but a few good tracks.  Spread out over an album you can deal with it.  But a 20 tack digital compilation? 


C'mon guys you know there is more than one bass preset right?  Track after track of cheese and low bar music that reached its expiration date more than a decade ago.  Like galloping bass lines?  They got you.  Need corny samples?  They got you.  Tired of layers creating depth and interest?  Yeah, apparently they got you.   If I could sum this up in one word:


It's the same formula with each track.  Take forever to get where you're going, stumble upon an interesting segment, and then do nothing with it.  I'm sorry to be negative, but life is too short to waste vast amounts of time on mediocre music.

Parabola Music Bandcamp

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