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Reefer Decree ‎- Out Of Bounds

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Iboga Records

1. Intro  1:46
2. Ice Age  6:02
3. Reefer Royal  7:04
4. My Mood  6:13
5. City Crush  6:51
6. Almost Gone (Grand Avenue Remix)  6:32
7. Deep Fry  6:01
8. Circus Electro  4:34
9. Congasm (co-producer: DJ Emok)  6:52
10. Out Of Bounds  7:24
11. Shining Star (vocals: Paula Befrits)  7:06

Third and last album (to date) produced by Danish artists Reefer Decree, prolific in the early to mid 2000s with their very recognizable progressive sound. The classic Refeer Decree bassline is (almost) gone this time, and the style has evolved very noticeably: much less minimal, much more melodic and it even sounds more commercial with the electro and house elements thrown into the cooker.
The highlights for me are tracks #2, #4, #8, #9 and #11. These tracks had everything to be classics: a real identity with memorable sequences and a very friendly, warm melodic framework. "My mood" in particular is my type of stuff: it starts rather cheesy but later switches to a very comfortable and melodic progressive track. All the tracks selected above contain something special, and this time even the downtempo track to finish the album is mindblowing. 
The whole release is very easy to listen, very groovy and relaxing at the same time. This is good time progressive trance, focused on groove and creativity. I can safely say this is underrated considering the few number of people who rated it on Discogs, yet I find this album different and memorable.
Rating: 8/10.

Listen / buy: https://iboga-beatspace.bandcamp.com/album/reefer-decree-out-of-bounds-iboga-records 

Youtube link:


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