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Paul Eye

Apupyörä 2020 (a peculiar downtempo set)

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Paul Eye    468

So...a few weeks ago I played this rather odd DJ set at a party known from its previous editions as a cross-genre melting pot of artistic freedom. I played an improvised downtempo set, finishing what could remotely be called the "chillout" stage, and I had a few people question my sanity after I played this. Maybe the setting had something to do with it, maybe not, but this certainly is one of the most psychedelic sets I've ever played.

Prometheus - Robot-O-Chan
Proxeeus - Zar
Chronos & OkoloSna - Marked Back (Zozh Mix)
Staunch - The Menace
Gus Till - Tomorrow Delta
Takkra - The Encounter
Argaman - InHarmonic Symphony
Molokow - Polustus Grytgöl
Painted In Void - Mountain Of Silence (Edit)
Mauxuam - Extended Body (Tabberdabber Mix)
Scion - Now
Shpongle Static - Persepolis (Shpongle Static Mix)
Shogo Buzz - The Chalice Of Storms
The Algorithm - Fragmentation


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