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Ziptnf - Natural Mysteries [psytrance]


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Multiphase & Estefano Haze - Spirituality in Action [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Cosmic Vibration - Sound and Magic [Parabola]
Vuchur - Electromagnetic Spectrum [Fresh Frequencies]
E-Clip - Decipher (Arhetip Remix) [TesseracTstudio]
Tristate - Logic Levels [Digital Om]
Didi & Zenaj - Cosmic Energy [Spiral Trax]
Kalki & Static Movement - Power of Magic [Sol]
Liquid Soul - Cydonia (E-Clip Remix) [Iboga]
Liquid Soul & Protonica - Levitate (ft. Ljuuba) [Iboga]
State Azure - Hex (Magnus Remix) [Funk Lab]
Deep Vibration - Infinit Formations [Iono]
Symphonix - Crystal Black [Blue Tunes]
Daniel Lesden - Pangea Proxima [Digital Om]
Ilai - Tale of Trance (Kalki Remix) [TechSafari]
Alien Invaders - Jupiter (Extended Mix) [Redux Fantasy]
Transpose - Spacetime [TechSafari]
Ovnimoon - The Spirit [EDM]
One Function - Imagine Yourself [Iono]
ZeniX - The Sensation [Ovnimoon]
Ovnimoon & Moon Tripper - Mystica [Geomagnetic]
Frost Raven & Mark L - Fantasma [Critical Overload]

I don't really keep up too closely with the psytrance scene, so it always surprises me when I return and still find high quality tunes. This didn't take too long to put together and I even used a few older tunes that I had purchased for previous mixes but never played. Loved putting this together, some nostalgic vibes with melodic trance, deep trance, and some heavy psychedelic energy. This is the sweet spot for me, between progressive and full-on, where both psychedelic music and trance can thrive.



Art credit to narandel.

Left-click to download:
Ziptnf - Natural Mysteries (1:50:28) 243 MB ~320kbps

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