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V/A - Ensancha El Alma Vol. 1

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Ensancha El Alma Records

01. Ra - Night Angel  8:06
02. Side Liner - Vida Hermosa  7:10
03. Stefan Torto - 7pm  5:34
04. Kuba - Looking Down The Valley  5:57
05. Jairamji - Top Of The Mountain  9:35
06. Kaya Project - The Time Is Now  5:47
07. E-Mantra - The Sacred Mountain  5:38
08. Entheogenic - Shakyamuni  7:47
09. Asura - Le Passage Part One  8:28
10. Ovnimoon feat. JemInEye Incantations - To The Essense  7:25


Ensancha El Alma is a new label based in Madrid, founded by Daniel Sol & 303, which aims to cover many styles within the chill side of the psy scene such as ambient, downtempo, psybient, psydub... proposing a listening through different textures, a wide variety of sounds and melodies always unified by the search of emotion and beauty in each musical note.
This first compilation, following the philosophy of the label, presents a journey where each artist leaves his personal imprint and presents his way of feeling the world through the music. From different approaches, different tempos, is a musical voyage that flows and invites you to listen, to dance, to feel.
Compiled by Daniel Sol & 303, mastered by Manifold.

Chill out release from the fresh label Ensancha El Alma Records dedicated to provide quality downtempo music. This compilation has two main styles: a trancy downtempo side, and a more ethnic and warm approach.

To my surprise, Ra does not deliver a real highlight here, fine opener but less interesting than his best past downtempo sound. Side Liner however comes up with a deep and glacial, melancholic and atmospheric track, reminiscent of the old Asura style. Great stuff! Then Stefan Torto delivers as well with short but intense and emotional storytelling.
I am less enthusiastic about the sunny ethnic tracks with guitars, but other highlights are from E-Mantra (similar style to the album Drifiting released the following year, short but epic melodic track), Asura and then Ovnimoon & JemInEye Incantations, they deliver the most danceable and trancy tracks of the compilation. Asura's composition is a tad repetitive perhaps but uplifting and brilliantly executed. Ovnimoon & JemInEye Incantations end the journey with an inspired downtempo track, goa-trance influenced and with a progressive approach, perfect to end this release.

On the whole this is a nice first compilation from Ensancha El Alma Records that I recommend to all chill out lovers.
Rating: 7.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://ensanchaelalma.bandcamp.com/album/ensancha-el-alma-vol-1


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