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Cyborcosis - Resonance of the Gods

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01. Under Attack 1  04:41    
02. Dr. Cosis (Short Consultation)  05:31    
03. First Buzz  04:29    
04. Bumba (Bambalu Mix)  06:01    
05. Rough (Playground)  05:14    
06. No Convergence  04:32    
07. Buzz  07:33    
08. Under Attack 2  06:25    
09. Bumba (Dub)  04:37    
10. Tomorrow Is Always Deep  06:29    
11. Spiritual Digital  07:49

Cyborcosis are Jason Newell and Lucy Maundof, a duo of electronic musicians UK with roots in the early 90's house/trance/techno movement. I hesitated to post this review as the style is not purely psytrance, yet open minded psytrance or trance fans should be able to enjoy at least some of the tracks. 
It covers several genres: a blend of breakbeat, some drum & bass, techno synths, and what we like here when it comes to trancy atmospheres. The trance sounds and pads works very well on the syncopated binary rhythms and use of poly rhythms, even tough the specific rhythm of track #2 can be a little off-putting. 

You cannot help noticing influences from The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers in the music, sometimes Eat Static as well. It is not very complex though, the overall sound is very 90's and innocent, yet refreshing. 
There are some 4*4 beat tracks such as track #4, dreamy atmosphere in this one. For me the album really peaked with tracks #7, #9, #10 and #11, these tracks are simply catchy, they offer a sweet breakbeat / trance combination. I would do without the "deep shit" vocal sample in track #10 (and the vocals are too redundant) but I thought it was still the most convincing production here as the trance melodies were more developed and emphasized, more psychedelic and deeper. 

Nothing groundbreaking or very subtle but a decent release if you are into this kind of sound.
Rating: 6.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://cyborcosis.bandcamp.com/album/resonance-of-the-gods


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