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Near Death Experiences and Dying Process interview (Peter Fenwick)


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Hi, if you have an hour to spare and the subject interests you, this is what I found today:

I think it's a brilliant video with a broad spectrum of aspects in there!

One thing from me - or rather, from my mother - on the subject:
My mother has visited my grandmother very soon after she passed away in hospital (maybe under an hour or not much long afterwards). My mother keeps telling me, to this day, that she saw kind of a "ball of light" (or rather a ball of "misty matter" as she describes it) emerging from my grandma's body and rising up, even coming towards her before slowly fading into thin air. She told me this like if she feared people would label her crazy if she told it to others. Thanks to this video by Peter Fenwick, I finally can comfort her that this was practically "nothing too much out of the ordinary", judging from the stories he tells ^_^

It's, however, almost a kind of a let down for me, because I pictured my mother always as a kind of witch or shamanic being (fueled by the fact that she never wanted to hear anything of this if I even vaguely mentioned it to her)... turns out she maybe is not THAT peculiar after all and quite a number of other people have this aswell :D 

Lots of love to you Psynews community :wub: ... I hope some of you enjoy that video.

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