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Neogenia - Soul Collector

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Mamomam records

01. Soul Collector  11:56 (149 BPM)
02. Secret Chamber  10:49 (149 BPM)
03. Nothing Lasts Forever  09:53 (149 BPM)


All tracks written and produced by Daniel Davidov. Mastering by JaraLuca. Artwork by Miraceti.

This EP was released early this year, in January. I remember bumping into the first track on Youtube and liked what I heard. To sum up in a few words, I would say this EP is pretty much typical new school goa-trance. All tracks are fast paced at 149 BPM.

The first track has a nice pad melody that comes back a lot throughout the almost 12 minutes. It may sound repetitive but overall it is a strong track, sounds very spacey and pure, very clear with not too many layers which I liked here, the track sound very clean and ethereal, while cosmic and very energetic. 
The second track has the same power and delivers a playful goa melody at about half of the track, and we were quite close to nitzhoga at some point. Again the energy in this track deserves praise. 
The last track unleashes a powerful bassline with very fast sounds twirling around, the style reminded the EP released by GoAtma in 2015 (sword in the darkness). Very powerful but a bit genetic for me. I really liked the last two minutes though, it just peaked a bit too late. 

Overall a nice release, with a powerful take on modern goa-trance. Favorite tracks: #1 and #2. 
Rating: 7/10.

Listen / buy: https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/soul-collector

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