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Avalon - Rise


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Label: Nano Records

Country: UK

Released: 30 Sep 2019

Style: Psy-Trance




1. Avalon (with Tristan / Killerwatts) - We Are Psychedelic 05:51

2. Another Dimension 07:26

3. Rise Up 08:56

4. Avalon (with Ajja) - Vision Serpent 06:30

5. It’s Time 06:37

6. Revolution 07:18

7. Avalon (with Dickster) - Embrace Life 07:02

8. Avalon (with Mad Maxx) - Explorers 07:07

9.Higherwasca 05:28


Never heard of this producer before, but his sound is really hard and just the way I like it. It's pure psy-trance, reminds me a lot of the Electric Universe and Space Tribe full-on sound, which is perfect for dancefloors.




1. Avalon (with Tristan / Killerwatts) - We Are Psychedelic 05:51

Very anthem-like track with powerful narration and strong beats. It's also very uplifting and inspiring, although some of you guys may find it a bit cheesy. I've felt it just a pinch, but the production feels so good that I couldn't miss it.


6. Revolution 07:18

Now here's my favorite track of the album. It has everything I like about modern full-on: great basslines, fun sound effects, creative arrangements, and overall good feeling.

Some of the parts even resembled one of my top tracks of all time - Cosmosis' Cave of Medusa. The resemblance probably wasn't intentional, but that UK sound is right there. Very, very fun dancefloor track.


9.Higherwasca 05:28

The album ends on a high note, but for some reason quite short, only five minutes long. It's similar to Revolution and has an excellent vibe throughout. Maybe it's the new standard of club-friendly psy-trance - tracks that don't last too long and still deliver tons of joy.


Honorable mention


3. Rise Up 08:56

This track has a pretty slow build-up, but somewhere in the middle it picks up the pace nicely. The last third of the track is particularly good with some crazy sounds rushing through the spakers. Overall, not the best track on the album, but worthy of attention.


Rating: 3.5/5

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