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Walpurgisnacht Projekt - Omega

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A.S. Records (Absolut Shit https://www.discogs.com/fr/label/1057942-Absolut-Shit).

1. Sound Weavers  08:21    
2. Illusion  08:56    
3. Are You Experienced  07:25    
4. Predistigitacion  10:56    
5. The Bird  08:26    
6. Mystic Green Fairy  10:32    
7. Oddisey  11:07    
8. Flying Witches  10:30    
9. Celestial Cup of Coffee  09:07    
10. 80's Transmission  08:44

Iyari Bravo and Sarah Stanton Bowley, psychedelic trance duo project from Mexico, deliver a well-oiled darkpsy album. Complex, chaotic, full of twists, to be listened with an open mind. 
The sound is hard to describe but if you are into Kindzadza you should be curious already. The darkness and mystery of this album lie in the coldness of the music, with a chaotic echo. The sound effects are wild. There are so many twists that you can hear several tracks in one. One interesting sequence after another. 
Furthermore, what really makes the release special is the crystal quality and supreme craziness that makes the most of effects, shifts in bassline patterns, unexpected climaxes... You can hear the details into every single sound with clarity, which makes the experience very enjoyable.

Favorite tracks: #2/ a technical prowess full of surprises, with lovely work on the kickline; #3/ huge bassline to start the track and nice storytelling all the way; #4/ irritating high pitched sounds in the beginning, but a spooky theme that works very well in the second half; #6/ one of the rare tracks than contains some melodic lines; #7/ a crazy and imaginative composition. But really all tracks have something interesting to offer.

The general result is a confusing, yet fascinating, entertaining and very intense spectacle. Not to be missed!  

Rating: 8.5/10.

Listen / buy: https://asrecords.bandcamp.com/album/walpurgisnacht-projekt-omega


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