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Rezonant - Time Code

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Sangoma records

1. Shamanic Realms  07:56    
2. Proper Dose  06:19    
3. Johny on the Run  06:32    
4. Radikal Moodz, Rezonant - Free Radikalz  07:48    
5. Timecode  07:26    
6. Kabayun - Temple of the Moon (Rezonant remix)  06:56    
7. Behind your Eyes  06:33    
8. Simia, Rezonant - Space Jam  07:31    
9. Labyrinth  07:02    
10. Calling the Spirit (feat. Sufi's Life)  09:10    


Sangoma records proudly presents Time Code, the debut album of Serbia based producer Rezonant. Jovan Tot, who is also part of the project Middle Mode, has delivered a stunning debut album, which was tweaked, tested and perfected during the recent months and performances. Deep, forest-friendly music from the heart and with pure intentions.

Forest / Psychedelic trance territory. While the opening track Shamanic Realms got me a little scared, in the sense that I felt it sounded quite generic and not too inspiring (perhaps my mind needed some warm up too), I was then grabbed for most of the album. 
It is clear that the music storms along in real psychedelic night time style, track #2 Proper Dose is definitely a must listen: clean and deep bassline, twisted sounds around you like a swarm of invisible insects, meanwhile subtle melodic lines and bouncy metallic sounds ensure your mind knows exactly where you are heading to, and this vibe is continued throughout the whole album. 
Track #5 Timecode is extremely solid, especially in the second half. The haunting atmosphere, the use of the flute is very clever and works perfectly. The constant evolution and building make a brilliant track! Track #6 which is a remix is just as good if not better, certainly more intense and trippy. It throws some key changes too and the result is outstanding.  
Overall the quality level here is undoubtedly high. Obviously some tracks are better than others, but there are several very very good tracks. The flow is very solid, I will not hesitate to give this album my highest recommendations if you need your forest fix!

Rating: 8/10.

Listen / buy: https://sangomarecs.bandcamp.com/album/time-code


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