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V/A - OVNI Breakfast 02 - Alien Flakes


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OVNI Breakfast (O.V.N.I Records), 2019.

1. Yestermorrow - Cosmic Context (Rose Well Remix)  06:16    
2. Pulsar & Thaihanu - Baktun (Zweep Remix)  07:39    
3. Lunarave feat. Backsliderz - Sacred Realm  05:34    
4. Dopek - Connection to Compassion  06:46    
5. Mental Droop - Strech  06:47    
6. Liink - Critical Abscence  06:46    
7. Psylence Mind - Go On  06:28    
8. Eclipsical - Break Even  06:59    
9. Thymos - Groovy Raptor  07:43    
10. Hecate - Sick  07:29

A familiar style: aggressive full on psytrance, even though the first three tracks can fit to the morning, are more atmospheric and sometimes more mellow (especially track #3 by Lunarave & Backsliderz). Then from the fourth track it becomes clearly harder full on, with the highlights by Liink (#6) and Hecate (#10): these tracks are simply wonderful dancefloor stompers. Mixed feelings overall though because it is a style we heard so many times before, but at the same time the production is top quality, and the sound is always willing to keep the high energy flowing. A must have for the dancefloor in my opinion.

Rating: 7/10.

To listen / buy: https://ovnibreakfast.bandcamp.com/album/ovni-breakfast-2-alien-flakes

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Just as the title suggests I turned this on in the morning during breakfast. :)

All tracks are of very high quality, but two of them are especially creative:


3. LUNARAVE feat BACKSLIDERZ - Sacred Realm 05:34

This here is a great little number. It's so subtle that you can't even grasp it in full at first listen. This means that the track prompts you to listen to it more and more, and with every listen it reveals more things. That's the sign of a truly great track.

There is a slight shift in the last third that really brings the whole thing up. Too bad it's so short...


8. ECLIPSICAL - Break Even 06:59

Such a great intro, sets the mood just right. I love all the little melodic sparkles appearing and disappearing in the background, it's creating a kaleidoscopic effect and keeps the main theme interesting throughout.

There are some dissonant notes introduced in the middle of the track, but those are really subtle and actually add some spice to the whole brew in a good way.

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