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Sarolta Monspart ‎- Old Gold

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Dance N Dust records, 2019.

1. Aug01  09:15    
2. Head-Room  07:49    
3. Hi5  08:32    
4. Control Freak  07:08    
5. Channel Bounce  08:05    
6. S'Kool  07:42    
7. Angels Come Flying  10:16

Project from Sweden. All tracks made in the nineties and early millennium, now officially released. Different and very interesting stuff, not your typical psy-trance for sure. The style is sometimes reminiscent of SUN Project, not their Goa output but more the albums released in the early 2000s, same kind of groove, including guitars and occasional melodies, and some other tracks also remind me of Loopus in Fabula. I remember this kind of sound was often present in the Goa-Head series too.

Without reviewing track by track, most of the album contains guitars, groovy basslines, fancy arrangements of trance melodies, and tracks such as Channel Bounce even contains some vocals and funky-disco influences. But for me one of the best track is Head-Room, it launches quickly and delivers a strong middle eastern atmosphere, guitars with percussion and offers an ending full of eastern goa-ish melodies. Control Freak follows the same recipe and is one of the highlights of the album. 
Angels Come Flying really reminded me of Loopus in Fabula: banging bass line, swanky themes, jazzy touch resulting in a spectacular cross-genre fusion.

Maybe not an album that will be remembered because it was released in 2019, it's not psychedelic at all and the basslines are a bit samey-samey throughout, but it's good for what it is when you are in the mood for a more laid back and playful fancy sound. Definitely not your typical psy-trance release, if you listened to Sarolta Monspart before you should know what to expect. 

Rating: 6.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://dancendustrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sarolta-monspart-old-gold


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