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Rising Galaxy ‎– Nomadic Universality

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Cosmicleaf Records, Feb. 2019.


Nikos Bitsimeas aka “Rising Galaxy” was born in 1976 in central Greece. By the end of the ‘00s he started to concentrate on ambient productions and field recordings and on his early love of psychedelic trance.

1. Nomadic Universality  09:32    
2. At The Gates Of The Beloved  09:21    
3. White Dwarfs  08:34    
4. Low Sun Tribe  12:35    
5. Muses Fly Above Capri  11:02    
6. Cloud Break  09:48    
7. Phobia  10:52

Project from Greece, delivering 7 downtempo tracks. All tracks have a 4/4 beat and are danceable material, ideal for the early morning or late afternoon.
A nice surprise overall! The sound is very well produced, nicely polished, and while most of it is on the chill progressive side, the highlight for me is Low Sun Tribe, it has a technoish and tribal vibe that gives a very hypnotic and entrancing result. The whole album is not very psychedelic so it should please the lovers of the relaxing and dreamy trance sound.

Recommended. Rating: 7/10.    

To listen / buy: https://cosmicleaf.bandcamp.com/album/nomadic-universality

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