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New Psychedelic Tek release - "Circuit" by Spazmo out now through the Next Levelists.

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Pstump    0

Sammy Pstump's (from Logman n Pstump) newest release comes in the form of Psy-Tek adventure...

Spazmo's debut album "Circuit" presents an ardent reflection of life. Bizarre, brave, chaotic, refined. An exploration of the never ending cycle.

Another lap around the rock. 
How's ya lifestyle. 
Networks made, tested, amplified, modulated, broken. 
Contact imminent, illusions confirmed. 
Plans made, goals abandoned. 
Day for it. 
Heart open and mind operational, portal wide, harmony. 
Secure connection. 

Melodic, soulful, tantalizing, introspective. 
Follow the link below to grab a copy - also available on Spotify etc. 




Circuit - Spazmo.jpg

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Needed a new link.

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Tsotsi    70

I've been listening to this all day and can confirm that other people should to. Super Funky & cool, production top notch

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