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Xerxes The Dark - Transmutation


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Artist: Xerxes the Dark
Title: Transmutation
Label: Kalpamantra
Date: November, 2016

1. Proma Materia
2. Insomare
3. Limbo (MMVIII)
4. Tabula Smaragdina
5. Cold Sanctum
6. Xtra Terrestrial
7. Aeon (Bonus)


I came across this awhile back and it stayed with me. 

Kinda like witnessing an exorcism would stay with me.  Please allow me to introduce to you Iranian Morego Dimmer an electronic music maestro that has been around since 2005.  This album is reminiscent of the Atrium Carceri style of dark ambient intent on scaring the sh*t out of you if you decide to listen to this at night.  Dark Ambient and drone, sounds of things crawling and cracking and whispers echoing across an abandoned castle while nightmarish pads rise and fall in a sea of darkness.  An evil presence lurks behind every corner. There is zero light to be found here.  Zero.  It's a slow, hopeless march into oblivion as demons herd you through the gates of hell. 

It's enjoyable (insert irony after last sentence) in the sense of trying to focus on all of the individual sounds that make up this slow descent into madness undoubtedly enhanced by the many horror movies I've watched.  The vocals on Limbo are wet with the possibility of demonic possession or is that my own imagination?  All the tracks are long to make sure you get wrapped up in the horror.  My feelings about evil drone like this are similar to my daughter's. 

"It sounds creepy."

Yes it does.  A perfect soundtrack for passing out candy on Halloween night.  But if you listen to this while you take your kids to school or pick up the dry cleaning....seek professional help.

Xerxes the Dark Bandcamp

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