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Trinodia - Starstepper NEW ALBUM!

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Trinodia    12

Hello fellow goaheads :)

It has become time for me to present my new album containing 5 previously unreleased tracks, two remixes, one previously released track, and a - dont want to call it remix but optional version of the original release ;)

The album is called Starstepper and is now released on Bandcamp. Spotify, iTunes and other services will be up on the 27th and distribution is done by Amuse.io. Streams, sales and downloads earnings are given back to me, the artist to 100% so by listening to the music you support me directly just as with Bandcamp. It is not released through any label.

Mastering has been done with a online service and personally i think it worked out good :)

Artwork as usual by myself.

This album has taken many years to create. Some of you might recognize the title track Starstepper from my facebook page since i did a short video from the studio when it was getting produced back in 2016 but also even back to 2012 for the Planet Number 12 remix.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Planet Number 12 (2012 Mix) 06:50
2. Goa Feelings 09:18
3. Free Form 08:54
4. Pulsating Neurons 07:56
5. Spaced Out To Noise 09:24
6. Deceive My Eyes 09:40
7. Starstepper 08:54
8. 7th Ace (Optional Bass Mix) 09:05
9. Human History (Ambient Mix) 10:26

It can be listened to and purchased here: http://trinodia.bandcamp.com/album/starstepper


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Trinodia    12

Since a while back it can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other services.


Enjoy :)


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Fungi    44

Good news ! All the best !

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