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Aural Planet - Lightflow


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Artist: Aural Planet
Title: Lightflow
Label: Silver Shark
Date: 1997


1. Intro
2. Pipe Life
3. Head Dream Machine
4. The Motion Image of Pleasure
5. The Deep
6. Blue Water Cave


7. Have You Ever Been
8. Transphere
9. Synapse
10. M

This polish group which is now no longer produced some high quality music during their tenure most notably the classic goa album Part Seconde (which actually came after this one).   It's a project that was all over the map electronically, including this their debut.  There are plenty of nature sounds that really put you right into pools of water with buzzing insects.  With that in mind the music itself is relaxing and smooth exploring a lot of corners.  Sometimes it's highly melodic and sometimes it's creative noodling mixing environmental sounds with a futuristic atmosphere.  Having said that it's not the best downtempo music I've heard by far and as such I wouldn't label it a classic.  Enjoyable.

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