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Tetrium - Lose Your Senses


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Artist: Tetrium
Title: Lose Your Senses
Label: Limitspace Records
Date: June, 2010

1. The Road To Happiness
2. A Way To The North (with Gothica)
3. Start To Beginning (with Uno Serpental)
4. Chipser (with Color Space)
5. Mahamodra Vs. White Noise - Sexy Body Move (Tetrium Remix)
6. Salvardo (Remix)
7. Mid Night (Vs. Uno Serpental)
8. Purple Heaven
9. Kafir
10. Salvardo (Dragon Boyz Remix)


I'll explain.

This was a throw in from I think Beatspace when I placed an order with them a while back.  Would you call that a pity CD or a get the f*ck out of my inventory CD?  Now normally when someone gives you something for free like that you can almost bet you get what you pay for.  However I went into this with an open mind.  Tetrium is Gadi Aviv and I used to own his debut Speed of Light waaaay back in '04, but have since outgrown his brand of simplistic full-on.  Has he?  Did he discover depth and dynamics or is this going to be the ear bleeding, vomit inducing, retina shearing, steaming pile of rhinoceros excrement I imagine it to be?

No.  No it is not.  Full-on yes loaded with more galloping than a 1950's Western and its fair share of cheese.  Also present is almost every imaginable cliche particular to this part of the genre.  Yet...it is not unlistenable.  Well you can imagine Sexy Body Move is unlistenable and it truly is.  But hell there are portions that are...good decent.  Those portions are usually small and at the end of the tracks after all the nonsense is over, but they are there.  Chipser and Mid Night has some juicy bits and a harder edge while the Dragon Boyz remix of Salvardo is an acid drenched bomb that I would expect from the good old days of Timecode.

So where am I on this?  I can't recommend this because it's full-on and loaded with sh*t I despise, but I'll admit that it surpasses the low bar the genre sets for itself.  Look all I'm saying is I would rather listen to this again then go back and spin just half of The Jury from Nexus Media.  That really sounded like blasphemy.  Ugh...I think I need a shower. 




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