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MiKroMaKro New release - The Temple of Time

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exceptional stuff!


as with the previous track, you've found the sweet spot in your music to make it supremely psychedelic while still maintaining the harmonies of a progressive style track. it fortunately doesn't venture anywhere near into the full on territory that's (pejoratively) meant for the masses but rather feels more suited to the personal journey. the only other psytrance artist off the top of my head that successfully creates at this intersection of genres is Ovnimoon, which is pretty high praise in my book.

though i will say that listening to your 2 recent tracks back to back, there is a very similar squelching sound running through both. the melodies surrounding them are done well enough to make the tracks distinct, and they climax differently but if you compare the 2m:55s mark of Temple of Time and the 3m:05s mark of Over the Moon, and let them run for about 20 seconds each, there is some overlap. i don't know whether this is an intentional thematic choice, or the newer track is meant to be a remix, but i found it took away from some of the novelty.

nevertheless, i can feel the ancient megalithic sacred vibrations coming off this track and am looking forward to hearing the next one!





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Many thanks for the nice review gfp1 and comparisons.:D A bit of insight into how I tend to work. Each track I start from scratch with a new kick and bass. There is no intentional goal to sound like a previous track, although I suppose given I am the same person as made the last track there is possibility to bring forth a self made preset and tweak it. Or it could just be that I made a new sound and it just so happens to be similar. There is also the possibility that some sounds "sound" just right for my own sonic enjoyment and so I may simply like to use them albeit tweaked. I am a sucker for some nice FM sounds.. oh yes we like the FM here. I actually dislike a fair range of psy "farts" / squelches.. they can almost descend into comedy at times.. too gastro, too jokey sounding, too high up the octaves and they lose impact... too pitch bent (out of range) for sitting in key etc. If I find something that has the right fidelity, power and punch I may tweak it up and play it with a different MIDI variation.The downside is possibly some lack of variation in squelches. I take note ! I guess the other side (and I suppose you can discount psy squelches as they are a short effect typically).. is that somehow a style may develop and some continuity occurs, of that I am kind of.... and kind of not... in control of, it tends not to be a conscious, forced or guided evolution. I try and make what tickles my ears.

I am inspired to get going again and hope to do so in a few weeks after a bit of reflection, a tune de-brief (where I take notes about what I like etc. what I may do differently) It is a good buzz to be in front of the DAW and tweaking some parameters to get some interesting noises going. First stage rather technical and heady is getting a decent kick and bass. Once this bed rock is sorted a sense of freedom appears to get some elements together that may, or may not work... and so the iterative process begins.

Thanks for listening, that is the most important part once the track is made that it actually resonates with people and hopefully invokes a feeling. Hopefully a feeling that I like to feel when I listen to psy. A sense of being part of something bigger, energizing, makes you want to get happy and dance !

It is fun, learning slowly (and sorry yes it takes long for me to make a track 3-4 months typical so far) gently spreading my ideas around the music I like to hear and dance to.

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