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Artist: Intermix

Title: Phaze Two

Label: Third Mind Records

Date: November, 1992


1. Get Religion

2. Down and Out

3. The Process

4. Can You Move It

5. Dream On

6. Funky Hell

7. Phaze One

8. Truth

9. Corollary

10. Monument

11. Fall Out


Intermix is one of the projects of legendary Industrial act Front Line Assembly which is steeped in electronics and atmosphere.  Their music often illustrates a futuristic dystopia with the requisite gravely vocals.  Now going on 25 years old this was the second album (hence Phaze Two I assume) from this project and if you're a fan of this duo (and you really should be) then you can recognize their style.  Unlike FLA this has no vocals only funky breakbeats and samples drenched in electronic manipulation.  Their first album was rather rudimentary complete with early tropes of industrial electronica, but I believe this was where they started to put it together.  The beats are head noddingly good (mostly) while their atmosphere creation certainly took another step. This style would open the door to FLA classics like Hard Wired, Implode, and Flavour of the Weak.  Unfortunately most of the tracks sound a little dated and probably cater to the early 90's dancefloor in a goofy techno rave, sample heavy vein (Dream On, Funky Hell, Truth).  Still there is some good to be found here and as I mentioned this album appears to be an important stepping stone.

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