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Artist: Thenaria

Title: UFO Ep

Label: Space Baby Records

Date: December, 2016


1. Display

2. UFO

3. Ultegra

4. Acceleration

5. Microscope


Thenaria is a project consisting of two lads from the Ukraine who seem to dabble in a few genres of electronic music.  One could surely be forgiven if upon listening to this conjured up images of any number of horses from the progressive stable of Ovnimoon Records.  Indeed their Ep Fantastic Universe released in 2015 sounded like all the other progressive trance you've heard (yet even that one was expansive and deliciously detailed).  This Ep has that smooth feel, but the difference is it's drenched with heavy goa themes.  On the surface it's nothing that will rewrite the annals of goa trance, but the production value is high as the tracks twist through multiple layers of melodic goa clouds.  They seem to be quite good at telling a story and generate an immersive atmosphere.  Their ponderous downtempo closer hits all the right eerie and mysterious notes.  Like I said, nothing groundbreaking, but very talented and on my "ones to watch" list.

Space Baby Records Bandcamp

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