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Robert Elster - Still Breathing


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Artist: Robert Elster

Title: Still Breathing

Label: Joof Mantra

Date: July, 2016


1. Deanimation

2. Antenna

3. Dilated

4. Marmelade

5. Dream Projector

6. Recrystallization

7. Straight To Base

8. Apollo 303

9. Trails

10. 2SC945P





Hmmm....Once again proof you cannot judge a book by its cover.  I could've sworn this was going to be something along the lines of an Ultimae Records release.




This is Robert Elster (half of legendary Swedish trance act Vibrasphere) and even though that fabulous act is no longer active he is here to let you know he is still f*cking breathing.  This is an album that screams from the rooftops that he is doing his thing and will not go gently into the good night.  Seriously, he's doing his best Hardfloor impersonation.  The tracks are f*cking loaded with warm kicks and growling 303's.  Strong progressive drive with tracks like Antenna and Dilated is what Talpa would sound like with 303 usage.  he understands how to plant the seed and watch a track thrive as it flourishes with layers on Recrystalization and the haunting Straight to Base.  While most albums are looking for the door with the final track he slays with some funky, bubbly spice.  Beautiful stuff that I feel went waaaaay under the radar.


Don't miss it.



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