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"V/A - Locomotion"


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Artist: Various

Title: Locomotion

Label: Hado Records

Date: June, 2015


1. Chronos - Urban Life

2. MentalImage - Somewhere Between Worlds

3. E-mantra - Minimal Butterfly

4. Spectrum Vision - Inox (Chronos Remix)

5. JBC Arkadii & Konstantin Zhirov - Meteor Fall

6. G-light feat. M. Mayborn - Mysteries of Light

7. SynSUN - Mechanical

8. JBC Arkadii - Aquanautica

9. Harax - Rill

10. Filteria - Lyva




Chill music that...isn't that chill?


Where offerings from Ultimae are usually a relaxing and calm ride all the way through, this is psytrance with low bpms.  The broad umbrella of psychill is varied indeed and I would say if you want to float away to music this would not be the vehicle.  The label itself calls this compilation eccentric. 


And they are absolutely correct.


That said this collection of music from some very well known artists will find a foothold.  Tracks range from noisy and harsh (SynSUN) to smooth deep space exploration.  It's music by artists that you know are straying from their comfort zone.  Hell E-mantra has been making psychill for years now, but are you ready for some deep space ambient from Filteria?  How about the re-emergence of G-light with a very rewarding offering?  How about the 80's-esque guitar solos on Meteor Fall by JBC Arkadii?  As I mentioned there won't be any shut eye being had listening to this, but it's cool to see different ground being tread upon. 


This one grows on me every time I listen to it. 



Hado Records






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