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Xerox & Illumination - Temporary Insanity

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Artist: Xerox & Illumination

Title: Temporary Insanity

Label: HOM-Mega Productions

Date: May, 2004


1. 3D

2. Marley On Acid (Part II)

3. Resolution (feat. Sandman)

4. Tribal Metal

5. Helium

6. Illumination - Under Pressure

7. Break Off

8. Psycraft - S.O.S. (Xerox & Illumination Remix)

9. Alech'o (feat. Goma)




Yes, get it son!


These two artists had really good solo careers before they decided to team up and hands down the best album of the three this duo has done in my opinion.  They came close several times after their debut with some decent tracks, but this is full-on with that early 2000's edge that still holds my attention.  It's hard charging and varied with tracks sounding like Braincell in his hey day.  There is a futuristic component and a dark, acidic vibe that still holds up.  



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