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"V/A - The French Connection"

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Artist: Various

Title: The French Connection

Label: Mind Control Records

Date: January, 2007


1. Talamasca - Roswell Mania

2. Altom - Kompak

3. Talamasca - Another Frenchman in Cape Town (Deedrah Remix)

4. DJ Mael - Shandramala

5. Silicon Sound - Deep Eye 2005 (Talamasca Remix)

6. XSI - Overzone

7. Shagma - Goblin

8. Sirius Isness - Dimension

9. Triptych - Playground




I know what you're thinking.


Damn this American can't spell.  I don't give a fcuk!  Look, you don't have to sugar coat it, I know the US educational system has a few Grand Canyon sized holes that I may have fallen through.  Catch the trademark at the end?  This company actually trademarked their purposeful misspelling.  (Just and FYI I misspelled the word misspelling before Psynews corrected me.  F*ck you man, that sh*t is hard)


What we have here is a steaming pile of mediocre full-on.  If you do have some leisure time and feel like you need to listen to cheesy melodies and tired cliches then perhaps you will come to the same conclusion I did.  Talamasca has been making cotton candy nonsense for what seems like forever.  Hasn't he?   And he isn't alone.  This was harder to choke down than a dry pork chop.   


I realize that this is over a decade old and some members here have given me a little sh*t about ripping compilations from years ago.  To that I say poppycock!  Good music is good music whether it was made 50 years ago or just now on my kid's old Speak and Spell.  And this compilation stinks on ice.


If you pay the over $11 Psyshop is asking for this you either need direction on how to spend your fortune wisely or you pay people to sh*t on you and punch you in the face.  Actually I don't think you can have one without the other.



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