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Shiva3 - Infinity [Another Dimension Music]

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It appears this was supposed to come out in Sept 2016, but is finally getting a release:


New album of Shiva Om turned into a darker, forester and deeper atmospheres than theprevious work of the artist. You will go to the heart of forest, where tree branches will be clinging for your shirt collar to lure you deeper and deeper into the dark and dense thickets. Music filled by experience of infinity, like all living things in our dimension. It is ritual and a great spirit in the heart of every shaman!

So what is infinity?Forest fairy tale that told us the eternal wise God.


:blink:  :huh:




It is an intriguing mix of goa, darkpsy, Nitzho and ...folk? Their previous "Space In The Woods" album was a mixed bag for me, so tread carefully :)


Album sampler / mix:


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