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Suduaya - Salutation To The Planets


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Artist: Various

Title: Salutation To The Planets

Label: Altar Records

Date: June, 2013


Salutation to the Planets remixed 8 times.




Ok.  What do you do when you make a weak track that is uber repetitive?




Sure that's the honorable thing, but how about just delete it?  Or...and hear me out...invite a bunch of label mates over and see if they can clean up your mess.  Suduaya is a French artist who has produced a bunch of quality work, but this track isn't close to his best.  It was in that mid tempo range and ended up being annoying and very repetitive as I mentioned.  That being said, it's the perfect opportunity to take something mediocre and totally transform it into a beautiful butterfly.  I rant about this all the damn time.  And with this digital release you get 8 cracks at it.  Pretty good odds right?




Talk about a lazy effort.  Technically all the artists adhere to the definition of a remix as some things were different.  And truth be told all of the tracks were superior to the original.  The By the Rain remix added a dark and evil glitchiness that was greatly appreciated.  The Landswitcher Remix had a Shponglesque quality to it.  So what's my gripe?  While I liked every track but the original they weren't that different that listening to this was tiresome.  Take all the remixes and sprinkle them over a few compilations.  Easier to digest.  So the tracks are good, but as an album I'm afraid it fails.


Opportunity missed.

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